Connecting with Your Customer on Instagram

Using Instagram to grow your business should be easy, right? So why is your business struggling with it and finding it difficult to connect with your customers? To help here are 3 things check and do to make it easier.

Images: The key to Instagram is pictures and images. Make sure the images you post are relevant to your business. They don’t need to be just your ads, but don’t post random images just to have a post either.

Captions: Give serious thought to what you are writing. Check your spelling. Here is the key to captions… write it in your voice. Making it personal and human is more effective.

Hashtags: This the most misused element in an Instagram post by many businesses. Don’t get caught up in the “popular” hashtag trend. Many businesses think that this will help in getting more followers or engagement, in reality, you just blend in with everyone else that is using the same hashtag. Use hashtags that are relevant to your business and your brand.

Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated. If used right Instagram can really help you connect with your customers.

If you feel that your time is more valuable and needed on another part of your business, Simba Marketing can help you tame the Instagram jungle.

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