Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Social media seems to have taken over our world and it seems that everything we do today revolves around social media. From a consumer’s point of view this is great because it gives them instant access to be able to tell everyone of their family, friends, and followers about their purchase and experience, both good and bad. For many consumers, this is a very quick and easy way of not only getting heard, but possibly also getting compensated.

Sure, from the consumer’s point of view this is amazing, but from a business point of view do we actually need this type of marketing and what is social media anyway?

There was a time when your site, using strategic keywords, could rank very well and show up on the front of a google search. With the way things are now if anyone is selling you on the fact that the same method still works today, my suggestion would be to end the conversation and look for someone else.

Things used to be so much simpler if you wanted to advertise and increase sales. You only had to pick and choose between TV, radio and/or print advertising. Well the good news is that those options are still available today but, if you want to truly want to connect with your customers you also need to incorporate a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, E-mail Marketing, Google AdWords, YouTube, Pinterest, and Yelp (also known as: Social Media).

So, do you need to incorporate social media for your business? Considering that each one of those media channels has millions and millions of members, these channels are the perfect platforms for you and your business to interact and engage and create a buzz about your business, product and service. If this is done correctly what happens next? A lot of activity, movement, and revenue for you and your business.

Now I can guess your next question. Is social media marketing affordable? The simple answer is yes. Regardless of what your business needs in terms of marketing reach social media marketing can be far more affordable than traditional TV, radio, or print advertising. Not to mention considerably more targeted to your specific audience.

If you are operating a business in today’s environment and still want to continue operating in the future, it is essential that you give careful consideration to social media marketing by creating and having a social media marketing campaign plan and budget.

Finally, I want to leave you with one very important note: Do not expect to jump into social media marketing and expect it to work like magic for you overnight. Because you are interacting and engaging different groups of people on different channels it will take consistent hard work and dedication. Although you will start to see small results in the beginning, if you stay with it, you will reap the big rewards.

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