How to Conduct a Simple Social Media Audit


  • Branding: First impressions? How does your overall look promote your brand? Can visitors get an accurate sense of your personality or culture? How have you chosen to use images in header and avatar? What’s the first impression you are giving in the marketplace? Is your branding consistent across the platforms? 
  • Popularity: How many followers/likes does your page have?
  • Frequency: How often do you post? What do you do on weekends?
  • Engagement: How many people are talking about the brand compared to how many fans you have?
  • Types of posts: What topics do you frequently discuss? What types of posts do you use: photos, questions, videos, chats, text? What is the engagement like for each of the post types? Are you using video? Are you following the 80/20 rule of posts?
  • Are you doing any social media advertising?


  • Do you have a good cover photo? (not too busy, nice design, well-branded)
  • Do you have a complete About Section with website listed?
  • Are you posting 1x per day at minimum?
  • Are you posting helpful content?
    Simba tip – add some funny content
  • Do you have Spam or unanswered posts?
  • Are you posting a variety of content – images, links, videos, promotional content
  • Are you advertising on Facebook? 
  • Are peopleand your fans engaging with you? 
  • Are you responding and on top of your FB reviews? 


  • Have you claimed your Google for Business listing? 
  • Is your cover art branded and sized correctly?
  • Is Google Maps Set up correctly? 
  • Are you listed correctly? (open hours, description, keywords, etc.) 
  • Are you on top of your reviews? 


  • Do you a branded profile picture? 
  • Is your website listed in your profile?
  • Are you using keywords? 
  • Are you posting entertaining or interesting content?
  • Are you using relevant local Hashtags in your posts? 
  • Are you talking to others? Are people engaging with you? 


  • Is your website listed in your profile?
  • Are you tweeting 5x per day minimum? (including retweeting and tweeting others)
  • Are you tweeting relevant content?
  • Are you using Hashtags?
  • Are you talking to others?
  • Do you have Twitter Lists?
  • Are people engaged with you (retweeting or replying)? 


  • Do you have a Business account with a verified website?
  • Do you have at least 5 boards with 5 Pins?
  • Are you using good keywords in Board titles?
  • Are you regularly pinning?
  • Are you using Hashtags?


  • Do you have a good Professional LinkedIn business page?
  • Do you have a robust Summary section with keywords and media?
  • Are you posting 1x/week or more?
  • How many followers do you have? 
  • Are your services updated? 
  • Do you have any interaction with your update’s and posts? 


  • Do you have a nice cover photo?
  • Is your website listed?
  • Do you have a Video trailer?
  • Are you posting regularly?
  • Are you using Keywords in your profile and your videos?
  • Do you have Playlists?
  • Have you connected your other social accounts in your bio?

Social Media Audit Resources

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